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Browse through the best of lighting, and atmospheric products for your events with Design One Lighting Supply’s huge collection of lighting products. Our store provides you with the most advanced and top-quality lighting products which are specifically designed to illuminate an array of events, which include theatrical and concert stage, Corporate AV, Exhibition, churches, Theme Park, Night club, leisure, cruise ship markets, wedding, fashion show and other production or rental studios.

Ground breaking Products you will find in Our Huge Catalogue

  • LED DMX Lighting
  • LED Pro Lighting
  • LED Concert Lights
  • LED Rock and Roll Lights
  • LED Entertainment Lights
  • LED Touring Lights
  • LED Stage Lights
  • LED Church Lights
  • LED Theatrical lights
All of these products are designed specifically to adhere to the current market demand. The lighting equipment’s are not only innovative in its design and utility, but are also conveniently pragmatic in its service to the events lighting industry.
So whether you seek products for corporate event lighting, concert lighting, wedding lighting, television lighting or special effects lighting, we offer an extensive line of lighting equipment to satiate your every need and requirement.
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