Aryton NandoBeam-S6 600W RGBW LED, 8 to 40 degree

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Product Overview

Its advanced and highly efficient proprietary optical system coupled with powerful 15 W RGBW LED sources provide a narrow 8° beam as well as wide 40° coverage. NANDOBEAM-S6’s thirty-seven 15 W LED are cooled by a heatpipe equipped with heat-transfer fluids and heat-exchange material. This advanced cooling technology gives an extended LED lifetime, quiet operation and maximum light source efficiency. A 6,000 lumens output at its 8° angle makes NANDOBEAM-S6 the perfect lighting tool for use as a beamlight moving-head. Its wide angle capabilities of up to 40° coupled with the same 6,000 lumens light output as its narrow beam angle gives great washlight potential. NANDOBEAM-S6 is equipped with new generation three phase stepper motors that allow quick and precise movement essential for this type of application. Very compact, these new motors fit perfectly into the minimalist design of the luminaire.


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